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Dealing with Water Challenges or Forget about Growth

Organized by the Indian Ministry of External Affairs, Mr Omar Shahzad was one of the invited speakers at the 3rd Growth Net Conference hosted in New Delhi from March 25-27, 2015. The conference was attended by various Government leaders and leading entrepreneurs from India and abroad.

Mr Shahzad spoke on the topic of “Dealing with Water Challenges or Forget about Growth”. In his remarks, Mr Shahzad also emphasized the importance of long-term planning and efficient design which can help to optimize construction cost and buildability especially in highly urbanized environments. Good engineering also requires review on how to optimize lifecycle costs. He also mentioned much of Asia especially Indian Sub-Continent lies in highly Water Stressed region and underscored the role engineers will have to play an important role in addressing these challenges timely and efficiently.

Mr Shahzad also gave an insight on various innovative engineering solutions that have been implemented in Singapore over time to address their water challenges such as Deep Tunnel Sewerage System, Marina Barrage and Common Services Tunnel (CST) in downtown areas. He also mentioned the importance of robust metering best practices and pricing methods which reflect the cost of water production and its scarcity value. Government also has to play an enabling role in order to attract private sector capital to support today’s water challenges.

Mr Shahzad mentioned India has huge water and waste-water investment requirements and firms such as Meinhardt which have world-class technical expertise and considerable local experience can assist in implementing innovative solutions that will enable India to adopt best practices from around the globe.