Our unwavering focus on our clients, our profession and our engineers has given us a unique edge in the industry, putting Meinhardt in a leading global position

Since 1997, Meinhardt Group has managed and provided key integrated engineering services in the Middle East and North Africa regions, covering projects in the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and Oman.

Harnessed with the full support of our global experience and resources, the MENA region has become one of our fastest growing businesses in recent years, employing over 400 staff across 8 offices. Our offices are strategically located, with the capabilities to lead and undertake Super–Scale buildings and infrastructure projects in the region and beyond.

In expanding our reach in a significant way, Meinhardt has not only demonstrated resilience and flexibility in adapting to a new environment and the needs of our clients, but also our professional excellence through strong and reliable performance.

We are proud to have introduced several innovative engineering and construction techniques to the region which have made transformatory impact to our projects and the industry at large. Through the years, Meinhardt has evolved to play a greater role in serving our clients by offering specialist skills in the areas of Project Management, Facade, Lighting Design, Environmental, Aviation, Infrastructure as well as other specific capabilities such as geotechnical and seismic engineering.