King Abdullah Financial District

Location: Riyadh

Country: Saudi Arabia

Client: Rayadah Investment Company

Services Provided: Client’s Representative

The King Abdullah Financial District Project is visionary in time, location, scope and quality.

  1. Largest real estate project in the world with GFA of 5 million sq.m
  2. Owner’s Representative to oversee Project Implementation to ensure compliance with Owner’s requirements
  3. Rapid escalation system was developed to identify and resolve key issues
  4. Through our site investigation QA Programme 21,000 non-conformances have been identified
  5. Design Peer Review for Structural Performance for the 77-storey Capital Market Authority Tower

Consists of financial hubs with the 385 meters high Financial Market Tower at the heart of the district, financial academy and recreational facilities, totaling a built up area of 387 million square feet.

Meinhardt is reporting directly to the client to ensure that the works are in accordance with the approved drawings, specifications and internationally accepted best practices and standards.